What I saw in Kamala’s eyes

This morning I watched Kamala be sworn in. The first woman. The first black woman they say... but she’s brown too. The first woman of south Asian descent. But what that means to me... I saw someone with my heritage. Black and brown. I felt it on a personal level. In that way it’s different... Continue Reading →

reflections on international women’s day

Today social media was entirely dominated by posts about international women's day, so I thought I might as well contribute. All day, with every post I read, I was trying to think of how I would contribute to the conversation. I could reflect on my family, or the strength and courageousness of my mother, who... Continue Reading →

#metoo ; how a social media movement has lead me to uncover a deep seated truth.

Two images seem to be on a loop in my mind since this hashtag started trending. The first, walking home after work many years ago. The bridge was dark, not well lit and I knew this, that's why I always took the busier Osborne street route to get home. You always have to think strategically,... Continue Reading →

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