afternoon’s off

In a partnership, time off together is an enjoyable necessity. When you both work full time, that time together can be invaluable. I never wanted anything mundane. And after many lessons learnt, I decided I would rather spend my time alone, than have my energies squandered on someone undeserving. But that lesson in itself takes some years to learn.

For some people, it really takes courage to be alone. After each of my long term relationships, I spent years alone. Come to think of it, the time I spent alone was proportional to the relationship itself. Time put in, you should put back into yourself at some point.

I learned to love my alone time, to the point where I crave it. It became so necessary to me, that it’s no longer something I would ever compromise. Alone time is when I’m creative, it’s quiet time, when I read and when I write. Sometimes, when I’m too tired to exert creative energy, alone time is for Netflix binging, or HGTV marathons. Lately, as I enjoy the quiet beauty of home, curled up on the couch with a book, alone time has come to mean nap time as well.

Quiet reflection leads me to gratitude. I’m thankful for this space, I’m thankful for this time to myself, and thankful for the partnership I have that feeds the other side of my personality.

See, afternoon’s off together are not quiet at all. There’s music, and movement. Together, life is this great adventure. We love reaping the rewards of our hard work, enjoying drinks on the patios in the afternoon sun, driving out to explore new areas of BC’s lower mainland, or sometimes just being cozy at home trying to catch up on Game of Thrones after all the adulting (laundry, meal prepping, apartment cleaning) is done.

This afternoon, after grocery shopping, and folding laundry, I sat down with a book and the balcony door open to let the fresh air flow in. Now as afternoon fades to evening, and I’ve managed to write something, it’s time to start cooking…and maybe pour a glass of wine!

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