The last 2 pieces I've written are very racially charged. At this time it's the only way I know how to express what I'm feeling and experiencing. But I don't want to turn off particular readers. I am a lover of humanity, and all humans regardless of race, class or creed. I don't want anyone... Continue Reading →

race relations 2

I wish it could be as simple as an argument between neighbours, but in becoming aware of my colour, and what that means for me in society, these types of encounters have political, racial and power dynamics that I just can't ignore. In fact I have no other way to experience things because this is the world I live in.

The Past part 1- when you know you should write something, but all you do is binge watch HGTV…

The house is a metaphor for your life, and what we always come back to is the basement, our childhood traumas, the role our parent's played and what they modelled in terms of relationships, our early experiences, and the things we bury so deep we never give a second thought to. All of these things require us to go through the process of healing...

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