late night notes

I spent a few days being sick with a crazy fever. Thankfully it turned out to not be the flu. With the intense back pain, it could have been, but once the fever broke all I was left with was a killer headache for a day.

It seems that I love my home so much I’m physically reacting to having to leave it. Being sick means sick days, which means time spent at home on the couch.

After a cup of NeoCitran earlier this evening, followed by 2 Advil liquid gels, and now a melatonin, I should be completely passed out. But it’s that sweet time late at night, with the soft glow of my little lantern, and quiet surrounding me, I just can’t bring myself to go to sleep and pass this moment up.

I always joke that I’m vampire-like. Throughout the day I’m tired, and drained, but as soon as its dark I’m awake, no aches and pains, and full of creativity. Maybe all I need is the right low light, maybe it’s the quiet, but this is when the world is always most beautiful to me.

Photo by Joonas kääriäinen from Pexels

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