reflections on international women’s day

Today social media was entirely dominated by posts about international women’s day, so I thought I might as well contribute. All day, with every post I read, I was trying to think of how I would contribute to the conversation. I could reflect on my family, or the strength and courageousness of my mother, who immigrated to Canada and forged a life of her own.

It wasn’t until well into my adulthood did I learn that my mother chose to stay here when she was supposed to return to Trinidad with the rest of her sisters. She craved independence, maybe even adventure, and learning this was so groundbreaking to me because I could never understand why I couldn’t fit in or get things “right” in life. Where did this desire and passion for the world come from? My love of travel, and my inability to fit into a box of mundaneness is happily credited to her.

The road less traveled is certainly more challenging, more heartbreaking, at times confusing, maybe even lonely, but it is most definitely the most rewarding. Every accomplishment is that much more meaningful and fulfilling. You savour your victories, because your defeats threaten your very existence.

In my mother’s journey, and in my own, I have come to see, feel and love the strength, resilience and unyielding bravery of the independent woman.

So, I suppose that for me personally, as I reflect on international women’s day, what I think is worth celebrating or acknowledging, are the women who move through life speaking their truths, holding true to their convictions, and who seek out their passions.

For my mother, my hope is that in this next chapter of her life, she remembers her journey, and re-discovers her hopes and dreams, and the courage it takes to attain, and make these things a reality.

My hope for all women is that we begin to choose to do the work, and journey through self discovery to find our worth, to learn the hard lessons of pain, and discover the beautiful life that awaits when you stop settling, start setting boundaries, and prioritize yourself and your happiness above all else.

These lovelies are the women in my life who inspire me, laugh and cry with me, and who have taught me strength and love. Cheers to you beautiful ladies!

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