Shifting Tides

When I first started this blog I was inspired by the Eat, Pray, Love story; the journey of healing and reinventing oneself through travel. Along the way this blog has been an outlet, a space for personal writing with the hopes of connecting with others. I suppose that I found value in these connections as I would not feel so alone. We all experience similar difficulties in life, and I had found that reading others’ experiences helped me to understand my own, and I hoped to do the same for others, so my writing was my way of giving back.

I’ve come to realize that its time to refocus, Pursuit of My Truth has largely been about heartache and healing, there have been a few tidbits about travel, but on that note I haven’t written nearly enough about the year I spent in Italy. What’s largely been missing from my writing however has been a focus on “my truths”, and now that I’m in a committed relationship with myself, I think its time to start exploring, and answering some questions about me; what interests me, what am I passionate about, what do I want to make of my life?? So going forward, we can expect more diversity in this blog, shorter pieces, perhaps more photography, and hopefully more consistent writing, as I explore the layers of what makes me me 🙂

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  1. i’m so glad you’re going to do this! ever thought about sharing your story in another blog? because that’s what i do: i collect people stories and share them. i think people are so inspiring and that we can learn so much with each other. i’d love to see you there. send me a message: hi[dot]rrrepeat[at]gmail[dot]com
    keep the magic rolling, my friend! ❤

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