Travel Blog Series: Discovering the Unique and Beautiful Puglia. Part 1- Ostuni

The White City; The Beauty of Ostuni

Located atop a hill in the south of Italy, Ostuni, known as “The White City” is a gem of the Brindisi province. The perfect spot for an afternoon of wandering through tiny winding streets and discovering hidden nooks and crannies typical of historical centers of the many towns throughout Puglia.

The white washed buildings and streets are stunning as they contrast with the blooming flowers of spring and summer. Bright pinks and reds adorn the little shops and cafes lining the streets of the historical center.


The shops of the historical center are mostly artisanal, featuring local handmade leathers and ceramics typical of Puglia.


I’ve visited Ostuni twice now, being that it’s not far away from the town of San Pietro Vernotico where I live. Getting lost in the cobblestone streets and whitewashed buildings all I could think was ‘this is Italy! I’m really here!’

Ostuni is known for its lookout points as you can see the Adriatic sea not far off in the distance. I would recommend  planning your visit for a sunny day if possible, it’s why I had to go back, I was dying for the view. Sunny or cloudy, its hard to tell where the sea ends and the sky begins, which is mesmerizing.

My second trip was on a Sunday afternoon, perfect timing as the historical center was empty. Ostuni is a tourist destination, more so in the summer, but in the off season I would say its hardly crowded. There was plenty of time to wander at our own leisure and stop for an Aperotivo (cocktail). But I have also seen the streets of Ostuni overflowing with people. As day fades to night Ostuni comes alive with live music in the streets, and people fill the restaurants and bars lining the piazza.

Historical and cultural significance; I’m a history nerd so I tend to seek out destinations teeming with history, which arguably is all of Italy! In this regard Ostuni does not disappoint. As if the historical center itself, with all of its tiny buildings and streets and cobblestone aren’t enough…

  1. The Cathedral Ostuni; Construction began around 1437-70 under Nicola Arpone, and was completed around 1520. The Cathedral is of Gothic style and considered the most famed landmark of the city.
  2. The Ostuni column and statue of Sant’Oronzo; The patron Saint of Ostuni is said to have taken refuge from Nero’s hired assassins in a cave at the foot of the hill on which the city was built.
  3. Scoppa Arch; Originally made of wood, this Baroque styled arch was rebuilt in stone in 1750.


IMG_1076 (2)Ciao for Now! 




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    1. Thanks! Keep an eye out, I’m hoping to focus my writing on travel now, specifically the Puglia region of Italy, many more beautiful and inspiring pictures to come! 🙂


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