Accepting gifts from the Universe

If you look closely you will find that the Universe is sending you love, and exactly what you need, in so many little, yet significant ways, everyday.

Last week I received a letter in the mail from a friend back in Canada. It was a surprise and it touched my heart that someone had thought of me. Knowing that this has been a difficult time for me, she took the time to handwrite me a letter, in Italian no less, to print pictures of us and to mail it to me. How amazingly thoughtful.

One night I was have trouble falling asleep, overthinking things as usual, causing myself unnecessary pain, and at that exact moment I received a message from my best friend; a picture of us from her wedding and a simple message, “Love you”.

Everyday I go to physiotherapy and I’m showered with affection by the three sisters who work there, and work with me as I continue to rehabilitate my broken elbow. They give me a Nutella croissant and a coffee, which always puts a smile on my face. We chat in a mixture of Italian and English, improving upon each other’s languages.

Finding a bit of happiness in every moment helps you to stay present. If you are struggling or going through a difficult time, these little gifts from the universe can be a lovely reminder that you are not alone, or simply put a smile on your face, if only for a brief moment.


2 thoughts on “Accepting gifts from the Universe

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  1. I often say that I see the extra on the ordinary. The simplest things are the best for me: they are beautiful and kind. It was very good to read this post. Oh that Nutella croissant seems like the best combination ever (along with the chat)!

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    1. Yes Im finding the simple things are so rewarding. And I love the human connection, like the chat, I often think to myself that the people I see and speak with are people that I didnt even know a year ago, not to mention the language barrier, yet they show me so much care and affection, I am truly touched, it makes my heart want to explode! and its a helpful reminder that there is so much love out there, why focus on a love that you lost when you could focus on all the love that you do have in your life in this present moment!

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